I’m back

After three years of absence, I’ve decided to resurrect my blog. I figure if I was going to try and sell my book in the near future, I would need to crawl back out from under my rock and join the real world again. It will take me a bit to get things in order around here, there’s a lot of cleanup to do. Sit tight and things will look pretty snazzy soon.

My time away has been life changing, literally. I heard once that we reinvent ourselves every ten years (or something like that). A lot has changed in three years. A lot hasn’t.


  • I am still a Christian
  • I am still married to my wonderful and VERY understanding wife
  • I am still an INFP
  • I am still conservative
  • I still suffer from depression
  • I still love me a good video game – playing and making them


  • I read A LOT more than I used to
  • I no longer want to be a psychotherapist
  • I am the daddy of a beautiful little girl, and soon a little boy
  • I have a lot less time on my hands to play video games (see bullet above)
  • I USED to love the TV show LOST, until the last 10 minutes of the series
  • I wrote a book

A brief snapshot of me.  The blog will be changing format some, but it will still be 100% Rob. (Sorry.)

Oh, and did I mention I wrote a book?

More to come…

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