Dwarf Fortress Gameplay, Part 3

← Continued from Gameplay Part 2

(This post is the deconstruction of the actual gameplay that occurred in part 3 of the story “Ransackediron Restored”)

Author’s usual caveat: I am by no means a great Dwarf Fortress player. Be kind.

Some more foundational-fortress tasks were completed this round. The food stockpiles were set to forbid eggs, so that the dwarves would not collect eggs from the hens’ nests. This should allow the eggs to safely hatch, giving me a “chicksplosion.” As Stakud explained, when the chicks grow up, I will slaughter all but 1 rooster for meat, and all those new hens will lay lots and lots of eggs. (Eggs are a very good food source in this game.) The alcohol was running low, so I built an area for a still and a kitchen, both of which will need to be built. Outside, I placed a butcher shop, tanner and leatherworks all in a row next to each other, so that Lokum could slaughter the draft animals, tan their hides, and then make some useful leather backpacks and waterskins for a future military.



Looking back, I probably should have instead made leather bags for seed storage; oh well. Lokum also trained the dogs (2 war, 1 hunting), which is something I had actually never done before in the game and had to look up how to do it!

Speaking of never done that before, there’s the issue of the pump. As I said last time, I’ve never built a pump before, and so when I dug a channel I misunderstood where the pump would need to be placed, and had to move it over; so I ended up with a larger trench than was ideal, aesthetically-speaking. Hopefully it will work. I have experience letting water flow into desired locations, so I am quite certain my cistern will work. Here’s the crude side view diagram of the cistern and future well:


The migrants surprised me, as they always do, appearing sooner than I expect. Loving the Legends Viewer utility, though, as it allowed me to see where the migrants came from – these are actual dwarves that existed in the world when I started (they were not randomly created at the moment of embark like my initial 7). That’s how I found out 4 of them were married to each other, and even 2 of the guys were widowers.


There’s a yak calf they brought with them as well as a pet lamb. I can’t slaughter the lamb without ticking off its owner (Shorast the Blacksmith), but if I remember to pasture the yak, he might get enough grazing to survive. I’ll probably forget though.

My next tasks will be to enclose my trench with walls so that the water pumped from the pool won’t spill on the ground (no idea if it would, but I’m being careful), and once the cistern is done being smoothed, grab an idle dwarf and have him/her crank that pump! I have to be quick before the frost comes. Now that I have doubled the amount of dwarves, I also need more beds, another dormitory, and another work area. There’s still the possibility of making a Trade Depot, but I’m not focusing on it. I’m concerned I’m quite defenseless right now, so I’ll at least leash a war dog to the entrance, and make some doors for the entrance that I can lock. I’m almost always attacked before I’m ready, and I’d like to avoid that this time.

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