31 Things, Day 9: Read more fiction

31 things I'd rather be doing right now

As an author, it should be no surprise that I enjoy reading. I think every writer should read, to learn what good writing looks like (but also to learn what bad writing looks like, because that gets published too). Primarily, however, my reading is a way I can escape the real world for a little while and explore new ones – that great what if? Thus my favorite genre is fantasy, so that is what I’m usually reading at any given moment. Lately I’ve also been trying to read some classic literature; not to sound impressive or even consider myself “cultured,” but mostly just to see what the big deal is with most of these books – why are they considered so good? I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes recently. Interesting, but not too exciting.

I use Goodreads to keep track of what I want to read, but more importantly to track what I have read. I actually set a yearly goal of how many books I want to read a year. It’s embarrassing to say this, but my pathetic little number for this year is 15. And I’m behind.

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Rob has
read 10 books toward his goal of 15 books.

I read very slowly. I don’t know if I’m just being careful, or thorough, but it annoys me, because I can’t read as fast as I’d like to. I’ve tried a form of speed reading, but I think it was a bit gimmicky, so it didn’t work. I was all excited when I read Stephen King’s On Writing, encouraging budding authors to read even if they read slowly, because he’s a slow reader too! How many books does he read a year? Around 80. OH SURE, STEVE, REALLY SLOW. More than a book a week, and I can barely get past the one a month pace. Sheesh.

But it’s not a race, just one of the many things I like to do, and keep doing it because it’s fun. So that Goodreads list just keeps getting bigger, growing faster than I can check them off. I guess there are worse problems to have.

my to-read shelf:
Rob Vitaro's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (to-read shelf)

So that’s another thing I’d rather be doing now, reading more fiction.

2 thoughts on “31 Things, Day 9: Read more fiction

  1. Alisha says:

    I wish I could get into reading like everyone I know, but for me it is understanding actually what I have just read and then when go back to the book and remember what I did read before getting back into the book. Who cares how many you have read. What counts is if it was worth reading it in the first place and if it is worth reading anymore of what tje auther has published. Good luvk on the many others to read.

  2. carolynrice says:

    Love your post. I love to read too, but I’ve never set a goal. Maybe I should do that. Good luck on your reading list.

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