By the Light of the Moons

By the Light of the Moons

“Nothing in this world was ever supposed to die.”

Adain is haunted by those words. His mother told him it was the oldest legend of their world, Sirith. But he is more consumed with finding ora.

Most people in Sirith have never heard of ora. For those who have, they know it helped win a war, but little else. Adain encountered the mysterious substance years ago and is certain of its power. He desperately wants to extract more of it, but the meric priests have thwarted his every attempt to be a part of the ora economy. When only the king’s approval will suffice, Adain embarks on a journey to prove his worthiness.

Along the way he is joined by his brother Taeric, a soldier who once valued duty above all else, but now only finds solace at the bottom of a mug of ale; the excommunicated meric, Kereth, who always seems to know more than he says aloud; Maive, the beautiful and enigmatic wanderer looking for her home; the woman locals call “The Forest Lady,” who has a tragic past and can see the future in riddles; and a man of a nearly extinct race whose mere presence makes warriors tremble. These unlikely companions travel together, but pursue their own ambitions, as they uncover their interwoven pasts and unearth Sirith’s forgotten history.

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