Surprise! By the Light of the Moons free e-book this week only!

moons_cover_thumbWhat? Free?!

That’s right! To celebrate the release of my paperback tomorrow, the ebook is 100% FREE this week only. I’ve never run a sale like this before, and I’m hoping it helps spread the word about my book. If you’ve been on the fence about spending some money on an unknown indie author, now’s your chance to try without fear. If you’ve already read it, tell your friends and family to get the word out!

And don’t forget: the paperback comes out tomorrow!

Download the e-book for free today!

The Paperback, finally.

Yes, it’s really happening: you will be able to buy my book in a real old-fashioned paperback book (made with paper and everything) on March 31. It will be available at Amazon or directly with Createspace (where the book is printed on demand).

Paperback available for purchase starting March 31, 2015.

Paperback available for purchase starting March 31, 2015.

Once again, I did it all by myself. Cover, layout, everything: all me. And I’m darned proud of it, too.

So for all you out there who have been holding out on me (“Oh, an e-book? When’s the real book coming out?”), you have no excuse now.

You can still buy the e-book, too, of course.

Enjoy, and sorry it took so long. Way too long.