31 Fantasy Characters, #5: Eramok~Loth

31_fantasy_badgeEramok~Loth stood tall and proud as he surveyed the barren wasteland. He stepped gracefully and quietly around small boulders, remnants of some forgotten building. He reveled in the silence.

He walked for more than a year just to be certain it had all worked. He wanted to see it with his own eyes. And at the end of his journey, he saw that it had. Miles upon miles of nothing but dirt, ash, and rubble. The whole world, gone. No more tiny creatures to listen to quarrel and destroy each other. No more noise. It was, in a word, bliss.

He reached his long arms down several feet and scooped up a pile of ash. He materialized a vial from nowhere and placed the ash inside, securing it with a stopper. The vial faded away once he willed it to.

Eramok~Loth lifted his head to the sky that was no longer there, billions of stars and galaxies as far as his ancient eyes could see.

“AUDRA!” he called in a booming voice.

A human appeared from nowhere at the feet of the giant, its head almost reaching Eramok~Loth’s ankle. Eramok~Loth looked down. The little creature was trembling as it gazed up at the towering behemoth.

“Come,” Eramok~Loth said. “There are more worlds to quiet. I must have peace.”

(The word prompt today was “Silence.”)

[– 31 Fantasy Characters in 31 Days –]

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