31 Fantasy Characters in 31 Days


photo courtesy of Luis Del Río Camacho

What does 31 Fantasy Characters in 31 Days mean?

2 years ago, I took part in the Write 31 Days Challenge, a community-driven writer’s encouragement to write 31 blog posts in 31 days. I didn’t finish that challenge, but I’ve decided to give it a go again.

This time, I’m joining up with the Five Minute Friday crowd’s version of the Challenge, 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. It means that each post will only be written in five free-flowing minutes. As is customary of Five Minute Friday, the post is to be inspired by a single given word (I know most of those words from the start, see below). But in addition to that, I’ve also added my own challenge, and that is to have each post be about a fantasy character, somehow related to that word.

Describe a character in five minutes? Sure, why not?

Perhaps you might see an actual character or two from my book, or perhaps someone new from that same world; but I plan for most to be brand new, from worlds I’ve never dreamed of until now.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll put up a poll at the end of the 31 days, let people vote for their favorite, and then write a proper short story about the winning character.

This should be fun. Enjoy!

  1. Walk: Adain
  2. Paint: Vahka
  3. Wardrobe: Mali
  4. Brew: Dugo
  5. Silence: Eramok~Loth
  6. You: Lucas
  7. Test: Rastevar
  8. Muddle: Old Hamot
  9. Post-It: Onavina
  10. Unknown: Ranosah
  11. Thanks: Nol
  12. Sky: Krantuso
  13. Aware: Ryck
  14. Mail: Baemus
  15. Move: Caerwulf 
  16. Little: Thet
  17. Study: Gravin
  18. Neighbor: Shol’shagal
  19. Notice: Molum
  20. Weekend: Reggie Koch
  21. Park: Mr. Pitt
  22. Off: Theocolese
  23. Blowout: Elruban
  24. Global: Poroughan
  25. Sign: Istrafe
  26. Confront: Maive
  27. Bouquet: Waithar
  28. Eat: Brother Heinrix
  29. Date: Cassianus
  30. Cut: Kenhaund
  31. Only: Zimiriad



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