31 Fantasy Characters, #16: Thet

31_fantasy_badge“This really isn’t the best way to go, you know,” Thet said.

“I don’t care what you think, you little devil!” Lucinn said. “I want to go this way.”

Thet clucked his tiny tongue. “I wish you could see me as an asset, Lucinn. It will go so much better for you.”

Lucinn stopped and turned his head as best as he could to see the little creature adhered to his back. It was so disgusting. Slimy bright red skin with long thin arms wrapped around his collar bone, and legs wrapped around his torso. Its walnut sized pitch black eyes blinked at him while its tall pointed ears twitched about. “Look—”

“I am looking,” Thet interrupted.

“JUST—” he started to scream, but the creature squeezed Lucinn in fear and took the wind out of Lucinn’s lungs. It had happened a dozen times already this morning, so he knew to simply relax and then Thet would let up. And it did.

“Please,” Lucinn started again. “Just let me speak, and just listen.”

“Go ahead,” Thet said.

Lucinn took a breath. “You will never be an asset to me. You are a parasite—”

Thet shook his little head, his long pointy nose tickling the back of Lucinn’s head. “That’s not an accurate term to use for me—”

“Please,” Lucinn begged. “Stop talking.”

Thet emitted a tiny huff.

“Whatever you think you are, you need to remember one thing: you are not in charge. You go where I go.”

“Of course I do,” Thet laughed.

“So stop telling me where to go.”

“But I know where you’re going, and there is a better way. A safer way. This path we’re on takes us through a pride of Muirocks and they’ll eat you for lunch. Me, they’ll spit me out, I’ll be fine. I’m just looking out for you, Lucinn.”

Lucinn paused, then asked. “There’s really danger ahead?”

“Yes, you should turn left right here and we’ll follow the brook down to the valley.”
Lucinn sighed, then turned left and started walking. After three steps he tripped on a hidden vine and fell onto his stomach.

“Wee hee!” Thet squealed. “You sure fell for that!”

“Ugh, you devil!”

(The word prompt today was “Little.”)

[– 31 Fantasy Characters in 31 Days –]

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