31 Fantasy Characters, #29: Cassianus

31_fantasy_badgeTwo thousand years as a worm, imprisoned in an alabaster jar, has a way of making you appreciate the little things in life, like having hands, or the ability to taste food. Cassianus was experiencing eating again — as a human — and he was savoring every moment of it. Some of the foods’ smells brought back memories of the life he had on the shores of the great Mediterranean sea. The tastes were exquisite and he closed his eyes as he ate.

The little girl in front of him laughed. “You’re a silly boy,” she said.

Of course, Cassianus had no idea what she was saying. The girl spoke a strange language that sounded faintly familiar, but also similar to the northmen, the barbarians. He just shrugged and continued eating.

It was strange to be a little boy again, let alone a human. He had not expected this turn of events. He looked around the room they sat in, a oddly bare room with no frescoes on the walls, just a plain pale red. The torches on the walls were intriguing, the flames somehow bright white and kept enclosed without being extinguished.

Where was he? This magic surpassed his own.

“Are you and your friend still hungry?” a voice called from afar. The little girl’s mother, he assumed. Cassianus liked her, for she kept bringing them food; when she arrived with a plate, he smiled.

“My, what an appetite!” the woman said.

“Mommy, is Billy going to have to leave?” the little girl said.

“Is that what you’re calling him? Honey, yes, someone will come to take him. He’s obviously lost, he doesn’t speak our language. His mommy and daddy must be worried.”
Cassianus kept watching them as he ate, still not understanding. The little girl was pouting.

The mother pointed at Cassianus with a smile. “You like those?” Cassianus Frowned, not understanding. She pointed at the fruit, mimicked eating something, then rubbed her belly and said, “Mmmm.”

Cassianus understood this. He held up the fruit and smiled.

“Date,” the mother said. She pointed to the fruit, speaking louder. “Date.”

Was this the word for this food? Cassianus shrugged, then obliged. “Date,” he said.

The two in front of him lit up with excitement and clapped their hands.

Strange, Cassianus thought. I have so much to learn if I am to successfully rule over this world.

(The word prompt today was “Date.”)

[– 31 Fantasy Characters in 31 Days –]

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