The Big Plan

What started as a video game concept became a short story, which became a novel, which became a novel series, The Ora Saga. Pretty cool.

Problem: I still want to make a game about this world.  I still want to tell short stories about this world. And I also would love to make some fine art works related to this world.

Solution: Do them all.

History of Sirith (“The Broken Land”)

in-world Chronological Order

  • Video Game: The Great Circle
    • Explains how a world of diverse lifeforms became unified – and immortal
    • Status: Early development
  • Short Story: 1
    • Gives a small glimpse of what life was like in a world where there was no death
    • Status: VERY Conceptual
  • Novel Series: The Breaking
    • Explains how the world broke, and death became part of life
    • Status: VERY Conceptual
  • Short Stories: 2-5
    • Portrays vignettes of the dark period of unrest, isolation of cultures, and rise of empires
    • Status: Early development
  • Video Game: The Unending Halls
    • Explains how a very important character escaped an eternal prison
    • Status: VERY Early development
  • Short Stories: 6-7
    • Insights into familiar characters’ early years
    • Status: Conceptual
  • Novel Series: The Ora Saga
    • The Last Legend of the Broken Land, shows how far people will go just to live
    • Status: Book 1 published; Book 2 is in Draft stage

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